CARROTY OR NOT ??? – Carrot Patties

I never knew I would start my blogging journey with a food article which is an experiment turned out yummy!

There are many people like me who hate carrots, especially when mom makes it in a traditional way. In spite of being aware of the benefits of carrot, we tend to be our younger self whenever our mom asks us to eat it. The same happened when my roommates asked me to cook carrot for dinner the other night.

I had no other option but to cook carrot as we were out of other vegetables. But then I decided to experiment with the carrot in a not so traditional way. I tried to first make it into a dish of fried vegetables (here vegetables were just carrots and potatoes 🙂 ), commonly known as “bhaji” in indian cuisine but even that was a little too carroty for me. So, I decided to give it another try by making patties out of it. And luckily, that carroty experiment turned out to be a delicious one. And the best thing about it that I eventually thought of writing it out as my first blogging experience.

Hence, here I share that carroty recipe which you can cook easily without much headache of people not liking it.

Carrot Patties:


Carrots : as much as you want (Ideally 10-12 medium sized carrots)

Onions : 1 big or 2 medium size

Potatoes : 3-4 big ones

Chillies : 4-5 based on the kind of spicy level you want

Peas : a small bowl

Salt, Paprika, Ginger Garlic paste, Cumin seeds, Turmeric, Olive oil

Ketchup, chopped onions and tomatoes, chilliflakes and oregano for garnishing.

All Purpose Flour


Step 1: Boil potatoes and peel them off. (Don’t forget to add a little salt to the water before boiling.)

Step 2: Cut carrots and boil them until they become mashable. (at least for 20 mins.)

Step 3: Mix potatoes and carrots and mash them.

Step 4: Add olive oil in a pan and heat it. Add cumin seeds.

Step 5: Add onions and saute` them until light brown and then add ginger garlic paste, turmeric, paprika and salt to it. Mix it properly and then add chopped chillies. Saute it completely.

Step 6: Add the mashed carrots and potatoes. Add water depending on the consistency. I will suggest keep it as little as possible as that would allow easy packing while making patties.

Step 7: Add peas once done. Add salt if less.

Step 8: Take All Purpose Flour and make it semi-solid paste out of it.

Step 9: Allow the veggie mix to cool down. Then, take some quantity and make balls out of it. Roll the balls in the All Purpose Flour mix so that a layer of flour keeps it intact while frying. Do this for the entire mixture.

Step 10: Take a flat pan and put little olive oil into it and heat it.

Step 11: Shallow fry the patties.

Step 12: Serve with a layer of ketchup, onions, tomato, chilliflakes and oregano.

And it’s done. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the first article. This is first of the many more to come. Till then, Happy reading !!!


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