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Golden Tap

There is no season for partying and no season to keep adding glitters to your wardrobe.

So, if there is a party coming up, try the new Golden stilettos from Pierre Dumas.


These glittery sandals will not only be an amazing addition to your shoe collection but will also go with every party wear, making you stand out in the crowd. I recently bought them from Amazon at a good deal.


They go with pretty much any dress. If you are that, matching-shoe-with-the-dress kinda girl, this one will go best with golden sequin dress. But if you like a stand out look, try them with the color of your choice. I would suggest go for black, pink or turquoise and add golden jewellery to complete the look. If you love red, these heels would go just perfect with them as well.

These stilettos are available at great price at Amazon as well as ebay.


So, why wait when you have an amazing shoe in the town plus you won’t get a better reason to go shopping.


Happy Shopping !!!



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