That Tree From The Corner

Stood high as pride,
facing the world day and night;
witnessing the insane,
trusting the sane;
analysing them,
but expressing no disdain.

Said to his children,
the stories from past;
Included the glories of the war,
and a soldier’s indented scar;
Hid the mysteries of the haunted house,
which is now dulled to mouse;
Witnessed the eternal promises of love,
Seen major heart breaks, and new hopes from above;
Liked the little romances by his side,
Felt burdened by the abhorrence of prejudice.

Today he dies for someone’s homely paradise,
giving his soul for a new wooden domicile;
takes away with him a bunch of memories,
advising his children of the upcoming miseries;
Passing on the legacy to the newly planted,
To give happiness like he did until he lasted.


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