Makeup Guide for Beginners

So, you have decided on trying makeup for the first time but getting startled by the variety of products to choose from and  how to apply? Well! This guide is for you.


First things first. If you are going to put makeup for the first time, you might be the one standing confused around a rack of makeup kits to choose from. I have a list of the minimal things that you need to buy to get yourself started. Don’t jump on new stuff in the beginning. Take your time to get through the practice of putting the minimal but enough stuff perfectly. So, first have these stuff handy before you begin putting on the makeup (I have also mentioned the brands that I prefer for each one of them but feel free to go by your own brand):

  • Makeup brushes (Start by buying one of the foundation brushes and eyeshadow brushes)p p (5pc pro Contouring & Highlighting Kit)
  • Foundation (MAC Pro Longwear Foundation)
  • Concealer (NAKED Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer)
  • Liner Pencil (REVLON Colorstay Liquid Eye Pen)
  • Eyeshadow (REVLON Colorstay 16 Hour Eyeshadow – Adventurous)
  • Lip Color (MAYBELLINE New York Vivid Matte Liquid )
  • Lip Liner (MAC Lip Pencil)

Now, let’s begin step by step and get yourself ready for that amazing look you always saw on others face:

  1. Foundation: Yes! You read it right. Don’t start with concealer. Apply a base of foundation on your face. Use foundation brush to apply it evenly all over your face. f2
  2. Concealer:  Take your eyeshadow brush, apply concealer on the bottom of your eyes and blend it using the foundation or eyeshadow brush. Once you are done at the bottom of your eyes, use the same brush, but without putting any extra concealer, to rub your upper eyelid. It will give a little glow to the upper lid as well! f3
  3. EyeLiner: Now is the time to highlight your eyes! Use liner on the upper part of your eyelids. Don’t apply it on the lower eyelid. f5
  4. Eyeshadow: Pick a darker color such as golden brown or coffee and apply eyeshadow using the eyeshadow brush on the upper eyelid. f4
  5. EyeLiner: Now, apply eyeliner on the lower eyelid and if you want to give a smoky look, use eyeshadow brush to smudge it a bit. P.S. For the first time appliers, don’t experiment with smoky eyes, as it usually turns out to be a nightmare. Go with a simple liner look.
  6. Lipcolor: Apply your favorite shade of lipcolor. Don’t apply lipliner before putting the lipstick. f6
  7. LipLiner: Yes! We will apply lip liner at the end to give definition to the lips. f7

Voila!!!!!!!! You are done and all set to flaunt any look!

Do share your experience in the comments below. Also, subscribe to the blog for many more interesting stuff! If you want to buy the brands suggested in the post you can go to the following websites and enjoy shopping 🙂

Till then, Happy Reading!


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