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Lake Diablo

Who doesn’t want to live in a place that offers not just an awesome working culture but also, reasons to love it! Well, Washington has become one such place for me. Truly an evergreen state which has a lot to offer when it comes to scenic attractions. One such attraction that I visited recently was Diablo lake, the turquoise hued water that is sure to take your breath away!


You don’t need a long weekend to plan a trip to Lake Diablo. All you need is an awesome mood, a perfect weather and a fine day (I went on one of the Saturdays!). The best part of the trip was not just the three-hour drive (P.S. I started from Seattle downtown hence, just 150 miles away!) but also, the amazing views the drive has to offer. When you are driving amidst mountains surrounded by clouds so low, you don’t feel the long duration of the journey. We chose a cloudy day to visit Diablo. Usually people prefer to go on a sunny day, which obviously is hard to find if you are planning the trip after summer has ended in Seattle but I must tell you it’s hard to get that gorgeous view on a sunny day. Keeping an eye on the weather forecast is helpful as you don’t wanna go on a day with thunderstorms but watching out for a day that is cloudy (slight showers are good too!) can promise to amaze you.


After a long 150-mile drive, we reached lake Diablo but it wasn’t the place we were looking forward to! It was the lakeshore, which indeed was beautiful but not what we hoped for. We were missing the view point.

Yes, it was so damn windy!
Yes, it was so damn windy!

Usually when you put “Lake Diablo”, google takes you to the shore of the lake which sometimes is misleading as we ended up at the lake but the view that we were hoping for wasn’t there! And to our amazement, there is no signal so yeah, be prepared to recollect that last 30-40 miles of route (which is super easy as it’s just one road!) and in addition you won’t be able to google the exact view point. Well! Have patience and keep driving as just a mile away or so, you will find the sign to lead you to the amazing view of Lake Diablo.


Once you are at the view point, all you can do is praise the beauty of this lake and take a lot of pictures (I did the same!). People come not just for the view but also for kayaking. So, you can choose what you wanna do here, get lost in the mesmerizing beauty of nature or go kayaking! Ultimately, it’s the amazing beauty of nature and a fun filled memory that you will be taking home with you.



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