10 Different Ideas To Dress This Halloween

Halloween is round the corner and it’s time to start thinking about your scary and funny costume parties. Are you bored of the traditional Zombie and Joker costumes? Then, let’s try something new this Halloween season. Here are 10 new ideas to dress yourself for the Halloween. I have tried to give suggestions for every age group and also, mentioned links to all of these costumes.

  1. 1. Done with Traditional Joker. Try “Joker from Suicide Squad”.


Joker Jacket
Joker Jacket

2. Be the “Harley Quinn” and all eyes are gonna be on you!

Harley Costume
Couple Goals for this Halloween!
Couple Goals for this Halloween!
3. If you wanna try something entirely new, go for the demonic nun figure from Conjuring 2.
                                               c3Adult Sinister Sister Costume

4. Or, be Bughuul from Sinister

c4 Mr. Boogie Mask 7in x 14in – Sinister- Party City

5. If the above aren’t scary enough, try Annabelle.


6. Clowns are always scary but try Poltergeist this Halloween season.


7. Or rather be a Babadook


Black Hat
And, lots of makeup.

8. Also, check out Simon from The Orphanage.


This one can be made at home using a rug, brown craft paper for hairs and paint. Time to be creative!

9. Jigsaw from Saw can still be quite scary.



10. Last but not the least, you can always try being one of scariest characters of all times, Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Happy Halloween and Happy Reading!


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