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Skydiving: Once In A Lifetime Experience

Are you the kind of a person who has lived their entire life working towards a goal and never really found time for yourself? I know the beginning of this article couldn’t be with this socially awkward question which most us feel but don’t really accept. But, I was that kind of a person for quite some time and now after achieving things in my life, I feel it is the time to live life to the core. It’s good to save money and plan for future but it is completely fine to spoil yourself once in a while. Well! that was enough to get you thinking on spending money for yourself and now, the bigger picture. What is it that you wanna do with it? Do you love adventure and are always up for trying adventure sports? Then, my experience of skydiving should definitely get you started. Also, some fun pictures of me to inspire you guys 🙂

Just like others, I always wanted to try skydiving. I used to see my friends posting pictures of them doing it and all I could think was to find some article on 10 ways of not being jealous of your friends who go skydiving. But, once I moved to Washington for my job, I felt that now is the time to explore and try out new things in life. Of course, skydiving was the first thing that came to my mind and I didn’t know when would be the right time to do it.

Excitement at its peek 😉

You never know what is the right time of doing these things. So, when my friend approached me for this, on one calm Friday evening, I said yes! But, barely did I had any idea that he was planning it for the next day itself (Now, that is a surprise especially when you are not mentally prepared for something like skydiving!). And guess what, I am being told after the tickets are booked!!!!!!

But, to my surprise, I wasn’t scared at all! Though the class was rescheduled to the Sunday due to some weather conditions(Of course, Summer in Seattle!), but it eventually turned out to be an adventurous evening. We chose Snohomish tandem skydiving for our adventure and these guys are truly amazing. They try to make you feel so comfortable, which you can barely be, and train you sufficient enough to enjoy the dive.

Spectacular view of Washington

First of all, don’t panic! You are not diving alone. It’s gonna be tandem. These guys are so well trained (literally with more than 5000 skydives!) and they have handled all sorts of people. The only thing you gotta do is learn what they teach and then jump! Of course, don’t forget to scream and enjoy.

They will make you do certain hand and leg movements to make sure you form that arch shape in the air (you don’t have to be perfect in that!) and then, suit you up in a funky yet safe skydiving suit. I’m sure it’s gonna make you look cool! And, to capture your adventurous experience, they provide optional video or photography service as well. My personal opinion is to opt for video as you can use your naive photography skills to capture a few good photos from that. Also, am sure you wanna live that adrenaline rush again and what’s better than a video. Don’t forget to add some extra seconds to your free fall if you are really up to a longer skydiving experience. People usually go for a 30 sec free-fall but if you opt for a 60 sec free-fall, it’s gonna be money best invested.

And, that’s all! You don’t need to have any bookish knowledge or a master training class for a lifetime experience. Just find the time that suits you best and go ahead. If there are any questions, feel free to get in touch with me. Also, don’t forget to share your experiences. And, if this articled helped you in anyway, like/share it and subscribe to the blog.

Till then, happy reading!


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