FaceBook Goes Live With International Space Station

It’s always exciting to see FaceBook doing something great almost all the time to bring a change. This time it went live with the astronauts in International Space Station. Always keeping the community together by these wonderful initiatives. Kudos FaceBook!

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Allo and Duo: The Google Siblings Set to Rule the World

Google has always been a huge proponent of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and have always been an active participant in trying to develop something cooler than ever. It has come up with Self-driving cars (though market is yet to see it getting launched), better page ranking algorithms to do the best searches, etc. and now it has introduced ALLO and DUO to revolutionize the world of communication. Continue reading “Allo and Duo: The Google Siblings Set to Rule the World”


Apocalypse of Unicorn Age: The truth behind the waning of the Startups

Silicon Valley has mostly been dominated by the startups worth $1 billion or more, which we proudly call as the Unicorns. Their glory marked 2015 as the new era of technology and ideas that were established to change the way investors dive into this market. In fact, Forbes even marked 2015 as the Age of Unicorns. A billion dollar tech startup, which was once considered as a myth, was becoming the reality in 2015. But, it’s just a year and the news have already been flooded with the end of it. So, why is this colorful age of unicorns coming to an end so soon? Continue reading “Apocalypse of Unicorn Age: The truth behind the waning of the Startups”