Sipping on tea and coffee,

our drinks so frothy,

discussing our lives,

laughing, and feeling alive.

Adding a little humor of our own,

sharing the day’s satire,

you are what I look upon to

when I am tired.

You are my partner in this silly world,

to share, live and laugh together for life.


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(Third poem of the series “Two Souls One Pen” with the amazing @thepoetsong 💗)


Beyond this Life


Beyond this life

where destinies are defined,

It’s going to be the world,

where we unite.

Remember my face

when we collide,

I will be the one waiting

where all fears subside.

We will grab a coffee

and discuss life,

the one that includes us

with you beside.


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You are the desire

I searched in opposite poles,

always peeping towards

the dead hole.

You held me from dropping down

and found me like some lost soul.

You are the ink that imprints my soul

with the joy of love,

the one I thought was never mine

and obliterated the scars of my life.


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Warrior Princess


I have a soul mighty as a knight,

calm as a shrine.

I make my way on my own,

leaving a trail of inspiration behind.

Put me to trial

and I will win it like all the time.

I am a warrior princess

who fights to survive.


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Dear Mom


Dear Mom,

When that tooth came off,

I first told you.

When I hurt my knee,

I ran to you.

When I was hungry away from home,

you came to my rescue with all recipes.

I am nothing without you by my side,

You are my strength, my conquer, my partner in crime.

A day isn’t enough to define you,

You are to be cherished lifetime


The Love of a Mom


The love of a mom

Wrapping me in lavender scented bear hugs,

She would do anything for us kids.

Cradling our fears away

with bedtime stories of saving the day.

The love of a mom

Fighting like our combat warrior,

to build a future so glorious.

You are the angel I seek in strange souls,

yet come back to you when my heart is sick,

You have shaped me towards my goal,

While saving me through all life nicks.

– – “Two Souls One Pen” Series by @the.ashani and @thepoetsong – –




I rest in those fields to dream,

watching mother nature gleam.

The Rainbow tied by it seems,

Worlds can be so serene.

And the color took me like a queen,

when flowers bloomed and petals turned green.

Filled with energy I rejoiced the spring,

It’s the nature full of bling.

– – “Two Souls One Pen” Series by @the.ashani and @thepoetsong – –




Yes I know yesterday was hard,

it challenged you and left you hollow,

But remember streams continue to flow,

in spite of everything it swallow.

Stop complaining of the past,

you have a dream and you gotta be it’s protector.

You have the power of healing yourself,

so pick yourself up and grow stronger than ever.

Let the world know what they mocked,

leave them to mumble.

You are the boss,

and no one can steal your thunder.





You are the song that

blooms me in the wild,

with a little touch of you,

I feel alive.

You are the sunshine of my world,

all I want is YOU to survive.


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Second Chance


When they first met each other,

she was six and he was nine,

Running through the fields together,

childhood games had already made up their mind.

When one was low,

the other got the sugary treats,

And when one did something wrong,

the other would stick through the heats.

Growing up together,

they were the bond that everyone admired.

The day he got down on one knee,

She had the biggest smile.

But life decided to play the part,

cos she got a heart that wouldn’t last.

Cried together with the fear of being apart,

Their destiny is in God’s hands,

who decides if they get a second chance.